Seed & Sod

Everyone loves gorgeous, green grass. It's exciting to to look out over the soil of your yard and picture a beautiful lawn where now your see dirt. But just how are you going to get that lawn?

Talk to SZ Mowing and Lawnscaping before making the decision to seed or sod. It's an important decision – one that you want to make correctly the first time – and we have the expertise to help. There are several factors to consider, including your soil type, soil pH levels, how quickly you want a finished lawn, the amount of work you want to put into it, and the cost.

Both seeding and using sod have their benefits and downsides.

The advantages of seeding include a lower initial establishment cost, a wide variety selection, lower labor requirements, less time for job completition, and the ease of establishment in difficult areas.

The advantages of sodding include immediate erosion control, an instant green surface with no dust or mud, near year-round establishment, a reduction in the chance of establishment failure, freedome from weeds, quick use capability, and a tangible product that can be purchase.

We're experts with both methods. If you choose to seed, we'll help you with all the necessary steps to ensure a healthy, vibrant new lawn. And if you choose to sod, we can handle the installation and maintenance so that you can enjoy your lawn now and in the future.

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