There are many reasons to consider SZ Mowing Service for your lawn. Some of our customers have large lawns that would require many hours of their time to maintain. For others, they prefer the clean, green look that comes from hiring a professional mowing service. Others find that maintaining a yard, for whatever reason, is just too difficult. SZ Mowing Service maintains lawns for many residential and commercial customers, and the lawns we care for come in all sizes.

A green, healthy, well-maintained lawn is the focal point of a beautiful yard. We offer many services, but mowing remains the core of our business. Anyone can push a lawn mower, but we go the extra mile to make sure your lawn looks like a botanical garden or golf course. We pay attention to pristine edges, straight mower lines, and spotless areas clean of debris. That's what impresses our clients and will make you a satisfied customer.

Our work is guaranteed, and we are fully licensced and insured.Call us today so that we can give you an estimate on the best selection of services and give you a free, no-obligation price quote.


SZ Mowing Service offers complete lawn and tree fertilizing, spraying and weed control program. We customize our services to meet the needs of your lawn. We'll help you maintain the lush green look of your already stunning lawn, or we can help you if your lawn if suffering from a disease or other problems. Our recommendations take into account the type of grass you have, the condition of your lawn, as well as your budget.

We can help you with deep root fertilizing, insecticide and fungicide sparying, weed control, and making sure your lawn has the nutrients it needs throughout all four seasons.


Edging your lawn creates a clean, crisp appearance. Edging between your lawn and a garden or flower garden can help keep out grass, keeping your grass from becomeing a weed problem in unwanted areas. We can help with regular edge trimming, as well as designing and installing borders and edging for your lawn, trees and flowerbeds. Quality edging can give your lawn definition, and help create an elegant yet natural look.

Lawnscap edging is important. It helps keep grass from growing into flowerbeds and gardens, but it also helps keep mulch and dirt from getting into your lawn. Installed properly, edging also can help eliminate the need for string trimming, reducing the amount of time you spend working in your yard and increase the time you spend enjoying your yard.


Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. This allows water, oxygen, fertilizers and other nutrients to better reach the roots of your grass. As lawns age or sustain heavy use from play, sports activities, pets and other every use, soil compaction can result. Soil compacting forces are most sever in poorly drained or wet sites. Compaction greatly reduces the pore space within the soil that would normally hol air. Roots require oxygen to grow and absorb nutrients and water. Compacted soil can result in poor top growth and lawn deterioration.

Core aeration can benefit your lawn by increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch. It helps increase water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil, and improves rooting. Aeration improves the amount of water your lawn receives from rainfall or irrigation, and helps prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from overly compacted areas. The result is a healthier, more beautiful lawn.


Verticutting, or vertical mowing, is a technique that is used to correct a thatch problem. Thatch is a layer of material between the green blades and active roots of a lawn. Thatch problems can build up more quickly if a lawn has been over-watered or over-fertilized. If the thatch layer gets too deep, keep a lawn healthy can become a challenge.

Verticutting involves using special equipment to make deep, vertical cuts into the thatch layer. The thatch is then removed. Following verticutting, it's important to make sure your lawn does not dry out. We'll work with you to make sure your lawn stays healthy and luscious.s temporarily causes another water problem: the damaged grass goes into shock and can dry out very easily.


Our experience and dedication is what makes us professionals in what we do. When it comes to installing irrigation systems, we trust Nate's Irrigation. A locally-owned company like ourselves, Nate's Irrigation offers quality, professional, dedicated design and installation services. Our customers choose use because we're the best. We value our customers and would only recommend the best to them.





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